Welcome to the Old Village Inn, where every visitor is a local and every local is our guest.

Nestled in the heart of Bembridge’s old high street, this quirky traditional styled building is reputed to have been serving pints since 1787. These days, Landlord Jay Chapman (a Fellow Associate of the BII) is continuing this fine tradition and sources real ales form across the country to ensure there are always four on the pump and an ever-changing selection.

It’s not just excellent ales and wines that the Village offers. Home cooked food is served all day, every day. Our main pub menus are complemented with an extensive specials board using locally sourced produce.

The Old Village Inn remains faithful to the community and sources produce locally wherever possible. The Farm Shop typically provides fruit and vegetables along with other ‘secret’ ingredients. Over the road is Woodfords the Butchers who are an institution in Bembridge. Our chefs work closely with them to source the best cuts of meat available throughout the year.

The Old Village Inn really is a pub with the community at the forefront of everything it does, we look forward to welcoming you…

We’re reopening

We’re reopening 1200 1600 Ye Olde Village Inn

YOVI Company Statement as per UK Government Press Statement 2nd March

YOVI Company Statement as per UK Government Press Statement 2nd March 150 150 Ye Olde Village Inn

We fully understand the public concern, your concern about the global spread of the virus. As a business keeping our customers safe is our overriding priority. Please be assured that…

Isle of Wight Beer & Bus October 2019

Isle of Wight Beer & Bus October 2019 1440 1080 Ye Olde Village Inn

Ye Ole Village Inn Proudly to present: Abbeydale Absoluiton 5.3% Abbeydale Damnation 4.5% BeerMats Cremated 4.7% Blue Monkey Infinity IPA 4.7% Boss Brewery Fashion Victim 4.6% Castle Rock Screech Owl…


#Day139 Sunday. Decided that a Sunday service in thr jaquizzi was the way forward. It would seem it was via the bins 🗑 as it needed some weight. Today’s jump needed more than just me. Steady as she goes. Need a bath 🛁 now before I go for a bubble. Lucky 🍀 me Emma Brett was watering the plants 🌱, now you know that usually that would have been a cheeky spray as you walk by but a full on soke was welcome and needed. Bubble, relax. Set up the decks ready for a wee DJ session after a fantastic Sunday lunch 🍴 in the OVI Secret Garden with my Aunty & Uncle ana Cousin Tamsin, Mark, Joseph & Ellena. Acceptable elbow rub latter upon departure and then onto thr decks, from Rat Pack to Motown to Reggie to Latino to some just very acceptable tunes. Good old chats to various customers who were near me ana some great fun. KC has a lovely relaxing time ana will take me off my training DJ iPad soon need a few lessons on the big bad boy 💻. 🧚‍♀️nice indeed. Even got Grandad’s approval as he spent the night with Gypsy sipping away at the wine 🍷 as the nights tunes faded away. I must admit I had to check my amp was all off as thr music 🎶 around Bembridge was reverberating, it wasn’t us as we were shut to regulated licenced ours, walking around there were about 4/5 house parties. I was so tired 😓 and early night, well midnight 🕛 is early for me and pass out 😘. See you later for quiz it’s been suggested we should broadcast from the bar roof, don’t want Grnadad to do his 69 again 😂. See you later. ... See MoreSee Less

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#Day138 Tools 🛠 down. ‘Take 2 the first post disappeared 👻’ We have literally worked 16-19 hours a day 7 days a week since the 8th June, not one day off it’s been a journey it was a double win 🧚‍♀️ nice 👍. I actually got to go to the 🏖, my lovely children’s choice, complete with sand, and I don’t do sand and swimming 🏊‍♂️ in the 🌊 too. We had a fantastic time, so really nice to wind down and relax. We got to see my cousins who are from Nottingham, Grandad’s country, they have been self isolating for 14 days while they have been on holiday which was great as it met that we could meet up safely and enjoy the day, bit of paddle boarding, they blow up amazing 😉. They’re coming for lunch today in one of the pods. With the advise from my twin and twin from another mother I’ve relaxed 😎 and wound down. I was at a tipping point, it could have gone either way. The Punch P word is the new C word .... COVID-19 of course 😂. Today off so we can be ready for a big push Monday, finish off thr new kitchen and alter the main kitchen a bit to chefs requested. Then Tuesday-Thursday were to smash out every wall and ceiling to the fuse board ready for Fletcher and his crew of Merry men to rewire the pub. He has competed the back end and all the dead wires and live wires that were just a fire 🔥 ready to happen at any moment. The building trimor was obviously a saving grace as we could have literally been dead, it was that bad. The rest of the afternoon was a little clean up and then some friends popped by for a few chats. KC, I’Janet & a free more. It was good to catch up with Nick Chicane for a ☕️ and a download about his new album and virtual sunsets tour. With dinner on the cards the team totally smashed it today 100% all their hard work 😓 and dedication shines though and everyone had a fantastic time. Massive thank you to the OVI family for their patience and time with me and my mad head, building this new moster, she yours to tame now. Had dinner 🥘 it was fantastic and the DJ’s were t bad too. Catch up with my man KC while we span thr disks all night. Lots of people enjoying thr vibe with a few celebs in last night 🏉 & musicians alike. All enjoying their spot in the new Back Yard Feetival Garden. Thank you all and see you all very soon. Jx ... See MoreSee Less

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#Day137 So a good building day finishing off the preparation room, we broke the back of it Digger Driver, cooker in and the automatic hood extraction system, same as in the hospitals installed. Genius. Some little finishes today with the dishwasher install. Colin Fletcher aka the birthday 🎂 boy, fires digger driver, Nathan the plaster 🩹 & Tom to tidy up the last bits. Massive thanks to Richie the plumber, legend for staying on last night to get his side completed. 🌟. We managed to try out the new company car 🚲 😂 Farmer 👨‍🌾 Sir Nick Hawkins brought up his electric ⚡️ bike that you oeddle but it aids the gentleman rider to encourage more aerobic exercise. Bloody brilliant got to 22mph wouldn’t want to fall off it though at that speed, oh no 🤦‍♂️. Good night great food and excellent company. The DJ’s were good too KC and the sunshine band we’re on aces. Filling up again tonight tonight so all good in the hood. See you later. Jx ... See MoreSee Less

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#Day136 ‘Pick up sticks’ today’s hero 🦸‍♂️ was Leon Day from D&as carpets sent by the man himself David. Thank you so much. It seems a long way from the bingo calling days of lock down. Isolated in my own thoughts 💭 in a funny way I miss that I’ve never had time to absorb my own interest. My journey is being travelled 🧳 and my story has been listened to by you and I’ve been reading back as I truly struggle with the hill we have had to climb 🧗‍♀️ (love this emoji, didn’t even know it was there) emotionally and physically broken, I still soldier on champion of the right, in full knowledge that in order for me to be right I am sure I’ll be wrong in some aspects of life and family. My aspirations are instincts of survival bs thr right thing to do for my family & children and it’s heart breaking to know that their diligence of my own moral code allows me to break out of the darkness to fight the evil corporation, Punch. You have to be a qualified everything, thr term of jack of all trades really does spooky 👻 apply here, and that worries me as it means that by not having the full knowledge I may have missed something or lost the plot somewhere. Today’s reviews lift me and allow me to understand where I’m at. Honestly the new news that Pubs not restaurants may have to shut in September is where I thought it would go, honestly. Our new outside Restaurant, social distancing restaurant is amazing. We will take the building inside and bring it back to a blank canvas. This way we can make pop up pods to add to our already amazing restaurant for the winter ❄️. As I am fully aware, winter is coming and you can bet your bottom dollar 💵 it’s going to be a cold one when it hits. For those that don’t know me mental health is a massive play on me and I fix myself by doing what I do. Keep busy and usually I don’t let the demons in. The demons are in I’m going to have to find some quite to float them away this weekend allow them time to leave me and my thoughts. I’m crowded inside thinking about phase 3 & 4 singing though all the possible matrix of what to do and how to keep everyone happy 😊. We’ll get there I’m sure but expect more photos of clouds ☁️ tomorrow 😂. See you all very soon and thank you for allowing me to share me thoughts 💭 with you beautiful people. It’s been 🧚‍♀️ nice 💋 ... See MoreSee Less

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#Day135. D-Day was a frosty 🥶 start with recognised silence San the dust settled around the festival park, a twerk and stiff approach with nervous tapping upon phone and and sense of urgency ..... made me totally at ease loved it. Today’s 🌟 were totally amazing David McCallum’s knowledge and total frustration as the represention from Punch was trying to patch and glue the pub together for a quick fix. We worked so hard yesterday getting it right. A final agreement in place and some acknowledgment that we have paid for everything to date and we need some assistance, we are only asking for the money to repair what they would have had to pay anyway. We finished the walls, completed the plumbing, skimmed and laid the latex floor. At 10pm we finished curry and a few pints 🍺 then we passed out 😵. What a day. ... See MoreSee Less

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Our youngest team member (AKA our youngest son Fred/PG) helping the team out this evening ... See MoreSee Less

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An ovi facemask anyone ... See MoreSee Less

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#Day134 please. It very well. We are as of today licenced 7 days a week. I now announce Tuesdays as OPEN 1500-2300. So today is D-Day with Punch got the wrong day. There email clear let says Tuesday but the date is clearly today. Ok we’ll meet I. The middle with everything then? Wow that would be nice. Got a ‘horrible my email from them though stating that basically COVID-19 is a temporary arrangement and nothing that a lease can we designed around! The the world 🌎 leaders a ‘stumbling’ along with it but Punch Taverns have they inside knowledge on this ...... you can’t make this up and a quite frankly it’s insulting. I’ve a building that I cannot use currently which we are repairing ans making good at our own excellent expense without there help. £1 for £1 investment that’s all I asked for, that’s it not rocket science. We’ll see more tomorrow unless you get a #Day134.5 update 😂 were on track. Today’s hero is David from D&S Carpets who has managed to drop everything and has fitted my kitchen preparation room floor into his busy schedule, full booked until the end of September. Go go go. Massive thanks again to the man who shall not be named; former bus inspector; former pilot; former student; Richie former Signals: on her day off Charlotte Austin & former publican. Gypsy & Emma we’re assisted by Denis the Menace. Seeing Colin Fletcher in action is always reassuring especially when Steve’s turns up for Chinese takeaway, thanks Wayne Till for the tip miss you guys. We had a mermaids moment and organised doing the roof for Thursday. Food 🥘 looks spot on now with various specials on that from the make & create team, 🧚‍♀️ nice. See you alll very soon. Jx ... See MoreSee Less

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#Day133 Help To Eat Out Monday - Wednesday every little helps fully booked and tables turned over, now we know why Sunday was steady not busy, you were all saving up. ‘Bang the Bucket’ we had a building set back as the new kitchen as the £87 plus vat boarding was being a aid to cut. We worked it out and now we’re cooking on gas. Quiz was a scream last night. Grandad fully on form but we need to move a speaker 🔊 and get new microphone 🎙 as ours are rubbish. Quite like the old style ones though. It was an early fisher for me 0030 but it’s been an early
Start and the gas fitter is already here! Must dash 💋
... See MoreSee Less

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7 days ago

The Old Village Inn

Free fun quiz Monday night with the old git! ... See MoreSee Less

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