Welcome to the Old Village Inn, where every visitor is a local and every local is our guest.

Nestled in the heart of Bembridge’s old high street, this quirky traditional styled building is reputed to have been serving pints since 1787. These days, Landlord Jay Chapman (a Fellow Associate of the BII) is continuing this fine tradition and sources real ales form across the country to ensure there are always four on the pump and an ever-changing selection.

It’s not just excellent ales and wines that the Village offers. Home cooked food is served all day, every day. Our main pub menus are complemented with an extensive specials board using locally sourced produce.

The Old Village Inn remains faithful to the community and sources produce locally wherever possible. The Farm Shop typically provides fruit and vegetables along with other ‘secret’ ingredients. Over the road is Woodfords the Butchers who are an institution in Bembridge. Our chefs work closely with them to source the best cuts of meat available throughout the year.

The Old Village Inn really is a pub with the community at the forefront of everything it does, we look forward to welcoming you…

We’re reopening

We’re reopening 1200 1600 Ye Olde Village Inn

YOVI Company Statement as per UK Government Press Statement 2nd March

YOVI Company Statement as per UK Government Press Statement 2nd March 150 150 Ye Olde Village Inn

We fully understand the public concern, your concern about the global spread of the virus. As a business keeping our customers safe is our overriding priority. Please be assured that…

Isle of Wight Beer & Bus October 2019

Isle of Wight Beer & Bus October 2019 1440 1080 Ye Olde Village Inn

Ye Ole Village Inn Proudly to present: Abbeydale Absoluiton 5.3% Abbeydale Damnation 4.5% BeerMats Cremated 4.7% Blue Monkey Infinity IPA 4.7% Boss Brewery Fashion Victim 4.6% Castle Rock Screech Owl…


#day343 While the 🐈 away the 🐁 came out to play #yeoldevillageinn #bembridge #pub #garden #beergarden #festival #gettingready amazing team all came together while
I was working at PR to get the site cleared. As next week we’ll be flicking back and forth while bricks 🧱 dry and other trades make way we’ll be putting in thr new outside 🚽 station and retooling thr secret 🤫 garden 🪴. With these two major feet’s out of the way it’ll be a bit of sprucing and some wall paper 📄. Then all 👀ing lovely abs shiny for when your alllwed to come back. Welcome host, sanitizer stations, booths abs outside dining at its best all under cover and at your local with the middle ground ready to take the ☀️ soakers. So looking forward to this seasons Back Yard Festival 2021. Steven Jacobs that chat 💬 over the bar when we were all suggesting names boom 💥. Creation love it 🥰. So see you all soon maybe even for 🍕 & Stig curry 🍛 at the weekend takeaway 🥡 service
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#day342 Fish 🐟 & Chip 🍟 night great success thanks to all who booked. Loved the app purchase Gavin Fraser nice to see Ruby Janet Head and many more. Getting outside ready abs the team discussing menus was the thought of the evening. Massive thanks to you all, some pictures of my time in Germany as Bastian was taking me to a bar that ended up being a tennis court club in the snow, the excuse was we couldn’t play tennis 🎾, like I would anyways 😂 so we have to drink 🍺 and play cards. Love it. But we actually left the house to play tennis 🎾. Then it was 9 people in a VW oh my 😂. My connection with Coburg and 151 is for ever. Hence why we have attempted 4th delivery 🚚 to Germany 🇩🇪 via the actual Sugar Rush Confectionery company on the IOW to see if they can get round this dreaded customs 🛃embargo of sending sweets back .... BoJo is this what you envisaged? 👎 😒. It is what it is so we’ll see if it’s 4th time lucky 🍀. Have a good one ana we’ll see you at the weekend. Keep the bookings coming in for April as the seats abs spaces are going fast. ☎️ 872616 speak to Gypsy or Kevin Rust super 🌟 publican by night builders helper by day, keeping us going to make your day. It almost rhymes Kev. M8 thanks for everything you do 🌟 (yes and everyone else but just wanted to say thanks to our Kev) thanks all. Jx ... See MoreSee Less

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#day341 we’re doing it baby oh yes mixing it up. A full on day at PR starting to look really good and then after work ☀️ back on thr home pitch. Screwy Garden 🪴 roof overhall. Great team massive spirit. Fish & Chilp Wednesday for takeaway 🥡 if you don’t want to cook this evening give us a bell we’re make space for you always. 🐟&🍟 from £8 ☎️ 872616 ... See MoreSee Less

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Grandad Charles Millington we miss you! Glad you enjoyed your Sunday roast ♥️ ... See MoreSee Less

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#day340 Great Day. We have a site meeting to work out the next 2/3 weeks and include the OVi garden abs bits. It’s all go now. Electricians Adrian Barker and his crew down at PR meant that we had to move operation painting abs cutting up to the OVI. While we (me & the Gypsy) were on it the man that cannot be named and Kevin Rust assured with college work Ben Evans, the person only small enough to climb the seats of doom to unlock the marquee, like a real life video game 🎮. When it came to moving the marquee it was all hands on deck and at Emma Goss turned up from the client meeting just at the right time. Heave Ho abs she’s in place. The ☀️ was shining abs it made for a glorious day before mega quiz. Great to see so many people logging on and enjoying the antics of it all. Massine apology to 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 as a nation and my very own Welsh girl Olive Light who was cringing 😬 at my pronunciation. I tried lol. Into the night planning at HQ 🍺and we’re all set for another day. 🧚‍♀️ nice indeed 💋 ... See MoreSee Less

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4 days ago

The Old Village Inn

Free Fun Quiz Monday ... See MoreSee Less

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#day339 Pinch 🤏 Punch 🤛 1st of the Month 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 💦 (couldn’t find a leek emoji 😂, that reminded me when Hannah Yeats worked with me in the kitchen and she rushed in saying there were loads of leeks in the cellar, I panicked dropped everything abs she had put all the leeks (on a plastic bag) on the floor everywhere lol) So massive wow only 19 more days and it’s been a whole year since we got class down due to 🦠 with the 12th of April looming and reading 📖 some ofnthr new guidelines it seems mental so yoy can use your inside loos (post corrected) but you can’t use the inside of your pub 🤪. You can use your kitchen inside but you can’t drink inside 😶. But ..... really Ok that’s cool 😎. We’re business as usually. Massive outside space with VIP & individual pods available. Tables of 6, 4 x 📺 on the wall for sport, DJ’s and a great menu done simply well. Night time outside fun under cover with patio heaters & a safe welcome host system with drinks abs food being buzzed to your table with our host service. Simply press the button as you did last summer 🪄order taken then delivered. Or beat the queues abs order direct on the app and delivered. Genius. QUIZ NIGHT MONDAY tonight 1900 so I’ll be launching 🚀 the picture round off this event attachment so keep an eye on the post. We’re getting ready this week abs building next week outside finishing off the Back Yard Festival 2021 site. Going to look 👀 amazing and has opened up the middle more for the ☀️ on those lovely sit in the 🍺 garden 🪴 days. Teams all coming together so happy days 💋 see yoy later on this evening 🧚‍♀️ nice indeed ... See MoreSee Less

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#day338 ☀️ out 😊 so we’re getting there the heat coming through and some dry days will mean we can start on the Secret Garden 🪴 roof & the Toilet 🚻 🚽 for the outside. It was exciting to book our first bands for this season @pinstrip 👀ing at the rules our take on this start for April is that you can’t use your inside loos. Wonder how many others have actually thought of that! More hurdles. But we have so that’s cool 😎. Thank you all for the orders on Takeaway 🥡 Saturday and keeping up going. Every little helps, says Tesco and I’m sure they’re ok 👌 😂. So the app is all set up for takeaways Service if it makes it easier for you. apps.apple.com/gb/app/ye-olde-village-inn/id1518054835 there is an android version too. With everyone m8 reaching the big numbers this year Russ Broughton with special shoes very nice. With DJ’s today it’s the season to be 🎂 😃. Always fun when Favourite No.3 son helps out so keen on the wheelbarrow he rammed it into my knee ouch 🤕. He ended up twisting his ankle at the beach 🏖 later on so no is 🛋 bound. Mad Max ended up in the sea 🌊 yes the sea 🌊 😱. Free Fun Online Quiz tomorrow Monday at 1900. See you all then people. Have an amazing ☀️ day. ... See MoreSee Less

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#day334 to #337. Gosh I’m so sorry. My head exploded 🤯. Just needed to break away for a couple of days and put my mind in a place of organised peace ☮️. The daily blog is important to me, but more importantly reminds me when it’s ‘down a bit’ that can lend me to rant. And that’s not how I wanted to be. The time away has fixed all vexation and the ☀️ is shining. Coming back to the OVi today and working and laughing 😆 with good friends has made for a brighter future. Thanks to all. Rebuilding festival field made for a very happy community publican. I had appreciated how down it had made me feel with everting upside down. With my favourite No.3 at my side in my hole 🕳 had to dig with a baby shovel and baby fork 🍴 from the green house as Fred remembered that we had put power down there 👇🏽 😂 so while the man that can’t be named William Mark Skeldon played with the big breaker for his holes 🕳 2 while I did my one 😂 he said I needed guns 💪 I said I had a 🔫 but it was only a toy one. Just take more 💊 and think of opening 😂 it’s the only way. The ☀️ out made a massive difference to the job. He even went to shirts by the afternoon compete with 😎. Then after a few barrows back and forth from Bembridge Building Supplies fence panels, posts, concrete, screws and much more we were all set. She starting to 👀 good. Moving BoHo shows us how we can capture the sun ☀️ in he middle of the festival field opposite the bar. It’s going to great for ☀️ shine drinking with some tunes from DJ Kizza Kieren Chapman & Gobby 🍺. I can feel the vibe now. Ahhh relaxed 😌 🎵 🍺 💬 to friends watching football ⚽️ and the Euros 💶 nice 👍 it’s going to be great. New toilet 🚽 block goes up next week then we finish the roof on the OVi secret 🤫 garden 🪴 (so secret 🤐 the man who cannot be named didn’t even know it was going to be built 😂) massive thanks to Bryn Turner for all the general laughs and making the teams life easier with over all steady support from Ben Evans. Gypsy on the tea and Danny Allen on the most amazing breakfast 🍳 ever. Ben need to learn to eat 🍅 🍄 🍳 & white & black pudding and basically food 😂 as William might just had well had two breakfast. So funny. Then maths 🧮 oh the maths Max Chapman but it was great fun being with favourite No.2 son after I fixed his 🚲, Tyre’s pumped abs seat raised as he’s getting so tall abs growing up. Going to have to look at another bike soon. Thanks to all for your amazing support with the fish 🐟 and hand cut chips 🍟 on Wednesday massive response 😊 orders coming in for Saturday service. It all really does help to keep us going at with the last lap of these next 80 days then back to normal wow 🤩 can’t wait xx ... See MoreSee Less

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