Welcome to the Old Village Inn, where every visitor is a local and every local is our guest.

Nestled in the heart of Bembridge’s old high street, this quirky traditional styled building is reputed to have been serving pints since 1787. These days, Landlord Jay Chapman (a Fellow Associate of the BII) is continuing this fine tradition and sources real ales form across the country to ensure there are always four on the pump and an ever-changing selection.

It’s not just excellent ales and wines that the Village offers. Home cooked food is served all day, every day. Our main pub menus are complemented with an extensive specials board using locally sourced produce.

The Old Village Inn remains faithful to the community and sources produce locally wherever possible. The Farm Shop typically provides fruit and vegetables along with other ‘secret’ ingredients. Over the road is Woodfords the Butchers who are an institution in Bembridge. Our chefs work closely with them to source the best cuts of meat available throughout the year.

The Old Village Inn really is a pub with the community at the forefront of everything it does, we look forward to welcoming you…

We’re reopening

We’re reopening 1200 1600 Ye Olde Village Inn

YOVI Company Statement as per UK Government Press Statement 2nd March

YOVI Company Statement as per UK Government Press Statement 2nd March 150 150 Ye Olde Village Inn

We fully understand the public concern, your concern about the global spread of the virus. As a business keeping our customers safe is our overriding priority. Please be assured that…

Isle of Wight Beer & Bus October 2019

Isle of Wight Beer & Bus October 2019 1440 1080 Ye Olde Village Inn

Ye Ole Village Inn Proudly to present: Abbeydale Absoluiton 5.3% Abbeydale Damnation 4.5% BeerMats Cremated 4.7% Blue Monkey Infinity IPA 4.7% Boss Brewery Fashion Victim 4.6% Castle Rock Screech Owl…


#day217 Paperwork oh the paperwork. So despite the photos and the reports and updates. Punch now have demanded a full itemised list of structural works, like you pull that out of the bag 💼 of tricks. Well I have it took me all day but I did it. Just the structural repairs and builders finish alone just under £70,000 to keep the building up and back to a finish not decoration where it can be then fitted ready for the 2nd fix. It’s a joke. Enough of them they’ll only ignore it as they want to quote, in hind site with other contractors, who haven’t even see the job. It’s not like they havn’t had access since the 11th April. 7 month later and now they want to just maybe pay for the bits that only apply to them. It’s your building! 😊 😃😃😃😃 thoughts 💭 ok so food 🥘 is 👀’ing good is liking 😉 . They are on fire 🔥 well done Danny Allen, who needs to change his employment stays on FB 😂 and to Troy Hebden. 🌟’s. All the guys were on the tools ⚒️ Tony’s day for ☔️ off so he came to help out Nathan Stone 🩹‘we 2 d’🌟‘s. He might have plastered over one of my windows 😮 plates will get ove that I’m sure 😂. Need to get Bradleys Brushes back in and you have helpers for the week to from the 02/11, with Claire Brown & Emma Brett we’ll going to need to adjust the Rita for team decoration, I’ll chat to Gypsy to work her magic ...... Kevin Rust can you do some more hours that week? Love it. So 🚙 and me done seem to work. She’s come back from a 32,000 mile service, did 42 miles and broke down, really. Then the guys from enterprise car hire, who give you a car 🚘 where the wind mirrors don’t fold in!!! Really do they make those 😂. Says it’s the 5th one that week same issue. Very reassuring I’m sure. Remains of the drains. Council? nothing to do with them aparantly 😮 draingate will start I’m sure. The the Evei f ended with d’auiz all on fine form fir a full house great fun was had by all. Big thankyou tonthe Birmingham massive and my envelope ✉️ 😉 😉 amazing people Jx ... See MoreSee Less

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20 hours ago

The Old Village Inn

Monday Free Fun Quiz with Grandad 👴 ... See MoreSee Less

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Monday Night Free Fun Quiz, online from 1930 ☎️872616 for a table, only 2 left now. See you later x ... See MoreSee Less

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#day216 So flood assessment day was mooing inside and getting heaters on to dry the plaster out a suppose the saving grace is that we could have had carpet and domestic finished with furniture 🪑 as it is we’ve lost a few days for repair and getting us back on course. ☹️ 😔 😞. Bloody council havn’t empties these drains for years and I’ve been here for 10, never seen it done. I think a ☎️ call is needed. We’ll see how that goes then 😂 department for drain clearing is probably on furlough 😆. Well at least the Royal Navy wasn’t on furlough as they swept 🧹 into action SBS teams to sort out last nights 🏴‍☠️. Pirates never thought 💭 I’d be able to use that emojis in its proper contents. 💯 happy about that as I was gong to say we have organised our scallywags 🏴‍☠️ of Bembridge aka the stallions 🎄 Party 🥳 with safe social distancing of 6. Kelly Chapman & Iolandin Staicu as getting together the New Years Eve packages 📦 so they can be posted out this week. Basically you will be asked for a deposit per booking & slot per person, but these are concerned i to drinks 🍸 when you turn up. We have limited spaces and we need them filled to make it happen so we can’t have ransoms booking out 8/10 slots just incase they feel like turning up. Basically this NYEve if you’re names not down, your not coming in! Harsh! But those is d’rules C-19 be safe rules ‘init’ Sunday was human vibrate day for me finishing the floor off in 🚽. Very happy with that too. Can’t feel me arms but very happy. An evening with friends and some needed laughing 😆 was done ✅ so got told off, that makes it part of the fun too sorry 😐 Iolandin, it was Kevin Rust & Kellys fault, nothing to do with me and Glen Walker at all 😂. Well let’s gather me 🧂’s it’s a busy day today. Site meeting and planning and getting some drawning together with Emma Brett for the finish and Ship wreck cove and outside loos. 🧚‍♀️ nice indeed. See you later for Quiz 1930 online with Grandad Charles Millington ... See MoreSee Less

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#day215. So 24hours 🍀 or not. We got flooded 😮 the ☔️ 🌧 just didn’t stop. Massive thank you to the customers who danced around so that we could make sure all was dry and being fixed. A extremely massive thanks 🙏 to the Man who cannot be named William Mark Skeldon & Wayne Till who were just having a pint 🍺 on a Saturday night. With it then it could have been much much worse 🌟. PG came to the rescue with a bucket it was literally all hands on deck, all because I was gong to have a night off with the boys 😂 my little men that is. On a plus note 📝 at least the floor in the pub was actually clear as we had done this for Nathan Stone 🩹‘er 2d’🌟‘s ceilings done ✅ Means we can now start slabbing and then we can start building finishing infrastructure of the bar. This week sees some of the benches being covered and the internal windows going in. I think another week ana we can then start to get Bradleys Brushes back in to mop though. I’ve got the new front door 🚪 for you at Peter Smith Secret Garden. He has kindly said you can use the work shop at the back to finish it as it needs some TLC and it’s back to wood. But it has the stain glass windows that the others have #stunning despite all of this as I said it could have been worse it could have been yesterday 😮 just thinking about that has made me feel 🤢. I’m careless again, so anyone who knows my 🍀 with 🚙 knows the reason why I have my 🚙. Another story another day, but basically she got to go back to LandRover 😯 😂. ☀️ is out today after a wee more fall of 🌧 so let’s see what that brings. I’m off to sand the bathroom 🚽 floors and get them sealed ✅ see you later 👋 for a 🧚‍♀️nice day indeed 💋 ... See MoreSee Less

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#Day214 A Very Preductive Day. So we had a challenge set to us as a friends wedding 🎩 was cancelled due to the 🦠 so we 👀’ed at the rules of restaurant and applied them accordingly. Safe secure and sound and we even managed to get the new loos working so that the social distancing was not compromised from groups to public. Individual tables of 6’s booked independantly 1 metre apart and a flow system for human and food traffic alike as necessary 🚽. The team headed up by Gypsy we all over it. It was amazing 😉 and a fantastic thing to do for our very good friends. It was a fantastic reminder and moral booster to all to show what the OVI💜OftheVillage could pull out of the bag 💼. We were all on the case getting it ship 🛳 shape ana Bristol fashion. Even PG came down. The light oh the light 💡 like a bat from his minecraft/fortnight cage, bless him. The show case just really displayed what you can do if you put the right team in place to do the best job ever ✅. I felt like Hanable from the A-Team. ‘Love it when a plan comes together’. Must crack on as we have more work to do and another celebration 🍾 today with Mark Champken’s birthday 🎂 today. See you later. If you fancy a heated pod or a heated restaurant table give us a call ☎️ 872616 and we can make your dreams come true 😂 we’ll give it a go anyway. 🧚‍♀️ nice indeed ... See MoreSee Less

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When you get the branding video that’s going to make it all amazing 😉 in the pub #branding #pub massive thanks 😊 Arsenal Ken ... See MoreSee Less

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#day213 Ups & Downs. All tasks have them and it’s when the ⭕️ is being pulled so much out of shape it becomes hard. Trying to manage one business to make sure we’re all good, while effectively opening up a new business, with expectations and fears at all levels makes it harder. Bring paperwork compliant, especially these days is the nightmare ana it takes up so much of everyone’s time consuming almost. Rightly or wrongly I got the whole team together ana we bashed out what we needed to do. The BBFS pack now is 100 pages the additions to this are another 50 and al to become compliant. The. We have to adjust the SOP manual so all are singing off the same hymn sheet, all this goes into a daily 2 sided sheet for each department so that my trans life is easier on a daily level and compliant. This makes us safe which makes out customers safe. ✅ is unfortunately takes time and you cannot cut the corners. All the while we have had Mr Pete Myatt completing our Risk assessment separately every 3 months. Legend as that would be another 3 days work for the team, taking me away from the site at this critical moment. I’ve been 🍀 that William Mark Skeldon has been there taking the lead, but he needs some input now and we’re good to go. Thank you for your patience and time my friend. We have a fully booked restaurant tonight. So that’s a result and we have spaces for Sat & Sunday, ☎️ 872616. ... See MoreSee Less

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5 days ago

The Old Village Inn

Sneaky Update as Nathan Stone 🩹‘er 2 d,🌟 has done so well ✅ ... See MoreSee Less

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#day212 Paperwork Day, who actually likes it? And why are the forms like so stupid or so complicated you need a masters in English & Chinese. We had 4 of us just so we all grasped the same concept of what it was asking. Me, Kevin Rust, Emma Brett, Danny and half way visits from Gypsy as Kevin died of boredom. 😂. I understand it’s all due diligence before someone jumps up and down. I must say a massive thank you to a few people. Thank you Mary Myatt for the borrow of Pete who has not only updated our C-19 HSS & Risk Assesment but modified it for the new building too. Genius and ✅ it was our inspiration. All the while the team were beavering away. The preparation that goes into getting some of the simplest things right is the point. It from my end a last minute sand and lay of the tough coat so Richard Marsh @ Gregg Chapman aka Super Mario & Luigi it’s al ready as promised and Adrian Barker dropped off his big bits for your holes 🕳 😮 reading that back sounds so wrong, we’ll leave the smut humour in 😂. I spent the evening in great 👍 ana wonderful company 🧚‍♀️ nice indeed dinner 🍽 with the big man and his lady friend, it’s like two of him 😂 she’s very nice indeed. ✅ the. Left them too it while I rounded the evening off with some TLC 🍺 & a few laughs 🤭 with Kevin, Kieren Chapman before his 🚌 & Andrew Summers, who reminded me William Mark Skeldon it’s hair cut Friday this week. 💇‍♂️. Well we’ll have a good one and we’ll see you over the weekend. We are fully booked for Friday but we have some room Saturday & Sunday lunch 🍴 if you’d like a heated Pod or our inside outside area? ☎️:872616 ✅ ... See MoreSee Less

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