Welcome to the Old Village Inn, where every visitor is a local and every local is our guest.

Nestled in the heart of Bembridge’s old high street, this quirky traditional styled building is reputed to have been serving pints since 1787. These days, Landlord Jay Chapman (a Fellow Associate of the BII) is continuing this fine tradition and sources real ales form across the country to ensure there are always four on the pump and an ever-changing selection.

It’s not just excellent ales and wines that the Village offers. Home cooked food is served all day, every day. Our main pub menus are complemented with an extensive specials board using locally sourced produce.

The Old Village Inn remains faithful to the community and sources produce locally wherever possible. The Farm Shop typically provides fruit and vegetables along with other ‘secret’ ingredients. Over the road is Woodfords the Butchers who are an institution in Bembridge. Our chefs work closely with them to source the best cuts of meat available throughout the year.

The Old Village Inn really is a pub with the community at the forefront of everything it does, we look forward to welcoming you…

We’re reopening

We’re reopening 1200 1600 Ye Olde Village Inn

YOVI Company Statement as per UK Government Press Statement 2nd March

YOVI Company Statement as per UK Government Press Statement 2nd March 150 150 Ye Olde Village Inn

We fully understand the public concern, your concern about the global spread of the virus. As a business keeping our customers safe is our overriding priority. Please be assured that…

Isle of Wight Beer & Bus October 2019

Isle of Wight Beer & Bus October 2019 1440 1080 Ye Olde Village Inn

Ye Ole Village Inn Proudly to present: Abbeydale Absoluiton 5.3% Abbeydale Damnation 4.5% BeerMats Cremated 4.7% Blue Monkey Infinity IPA 4.7% Boss Brewery Fashion Victim 4.6% Castle Rock Screech Owl…


10 hours ago

The Old Village Inn

#day303 Started with a zoom 🏎 meeting with a company that it want until about 10 minutes in we realised couldn’t assist with what we needed 🚕. Back to the drawing board. Then I don’t know if your have bought insurance pasted Brexit now 😱 what a joke that is 67 minutes later as they now has to read though world 🌍 yes world 🌍 regulations and about where it’s exempt, counties that I e never heard of. Literally BoJo sort your MoJo out that was stupid so bloody stupid. No wonder 🇬🇧 companies are getting their orders cancelled 😠. Exit by all means we have not have it sorted not a 39 year old HMRC computer programs that take 5 days, yes 5 days to refer too. We are now a laughing stock world 🌍 wide. Vert upsetting, anyway I got there all insured again for building & events, just I case your never know 😂 oh my you have to smile 😊. A couple of years ago today we were plodding though Southsea on our annual staff outing l, miss those trips and the people ❤️ hope you are all safe where ever you are 🏡 drunk 😵 and hone
Schooling no doubt 😂. And then 7 years ago we had our ‘For No Reason Party’ literal for no reason other than to raise money as I was a member of Coburg 151 🇩🇪 table, always fun 🤩 can’t wait to see my friends their again Bastian Hopf, we’re doing sweets 🍭 pastels for the kids, we’ve started collections my friend abs will be sending soon. 🎁. Little finish off with a cook 👨‍🍳 off, Ben Evans is assistance ✅. Everyone loves a bit of batch cooking. Just an excuse to trial thr new kitchen sides and shelves if I’m honest. Early night, like all
Nights. Don’t forget to diary in Monday Night 1930 Free Fun Quiz. We you then 🧚‍♀️ nice indeed 💋
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#day302 Starts off once the men that cannot be named have been set up with Home Schooling & the learning and relearning of Euclid's Algorithm #math #homeschooling #yeoldevillageinn #ovi #bembridge #publife all
Waiting all days for Land Rover to ring me to say my car is ready in Southampton as it’s had some major repair 👨‍🔧 🍀 under warranty, but if a worry as I’ve been mentioning all these items in the last service. 😠. Bit naughty. But after the 👨‍🏫 act it was back to Lego building after a bit of Star Wars Clone wars, why have these not been made 🎥. They are very good screen animation Leon Chapman Me abs the big man completed 🎡 complete & looking good 😌 #lego #legophotography #yeoldevillageinn at the window 🪟after close inspection of all the items by thr wntire chapman clan, well it has been since 2015 since we got thr 🎡 🙄. But we were discussing where it can life now 😂. Onto the Carousel 🎠 next, another rare piece of Lego for sure. More prices more 🔐 done fun 🤩 So 🎡 Complete and you know what’s next 🎠 oh yes 👍 #lego #legophotography just needs wine #winelover recommendations? Wonder if the wine 🍷 listed comes in-a-peach 🍑 taste to the lips 👄.... see what I did there 😂 don’t forget Monday Night Free Fun Live Quiz 1930 see your then 🧚‍♀️ nice 💋
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#day301 Still on the kitchen few photo updates. But don’t want to bore anyone with more facts & figures. An upbeat day was had and its all starting to come together. The man that cannot be named & Caroline Scott-Jackson said we have our own building yard now with all the projects that have now arrived. We’ll get some ☀️ & start building again. See you all soon. Don’t forget to diary 📔 up Monday nights people 1930 free fun quiz. 🧚‍♀️ nice indeed 💋. Picasso has finished his oven now so we can start to heat it up. Fuelled by 🥓 🥪 The Renaissance period is on the go. Kitchen starting to look very smart. Plans drawn up for the new Back Yard Festival Garden 🪴 ready for opening. Menu items being cooked, tried and tested what more could you ask for? Yes .... ok ..... ☀️ ..... oh and to be open 😂. See you soon people. ... See MoreSee Less

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#day300 300 like the film 🎥 gosh only knows it feels like it as the Persian army 🦠 come hurling towards us. Well well well C-19 home juggling 🤹‍♀️ in 2021 #pandemic #homeschooling #business #stonebakedpizza #pub #taxi #building #ovi #yeoldevillageinn #bembridge #iow it’s all in a days work. Note to schools can you please note well that some of us are actually working abs need out 🖥 & day time. Please give us a chance to assist you to assist us with the children by giving an extra 48 hours to get work in, we can’t do it all in one day & work, it’s impossible. And we’re good at 🤹‍♀️ too 😂. 300 days of me ranting on. I’ve written to Bob Seely in thr hooe that he can shed some light on thrattrer as I really am confused 🤷‍♂️ as to when we can open. So here my dilemma ..... Mike came, 🆘 Eazi Bar Mobile Bar & Dispense Solutions 🌟 as we had sprung a leek, as our system for dispense is still on ready for operation. Ok it could have happened at any time, but it didn’t, anyway we were discussing how long I should be on standby for when the pubs can reopen again as BoJo and his 🌍 of thr 🦍 has said end of Jan (we all know that’s not going to happen 🙅‍♂️) so I’m not naive Karen. But we thought 💭 February half term, then it was hopeful for Easter 🐣. That is 11 weeks from now so operationally dead ☠️ that’s £14,000 for HMRC, utilities and general living including 3 month if mortgage 💸 etc. That’s almost doable on the £4000 grant from the government, savings & a 3rd job. But here the crunch Mike says Coors & Diageo so two major brewers have stated they are not 👀ing at being operational until May 😱. So that’s another 4/5 weeks if no revenue!!!! It’s almost 😅 impossible .... notice how I said almost 😅 as I’m thr horse that will neve give up. We just need an answer so we can work out our lives please. Nit too much to ask for 300 days later is it? I appreciate we’re all in the same 🚣‍♀️ but a problem shared and all that jazz 👐🤙🖖. So quiz was bloody good last night had a right old laugh 😂 it was good to see some new people, thank you for the sanity. Same time next week - 🃏 Monday Night Free Fun Quiz 1930 live broadcast from OVi💜OftheVillage 🧚‍♀️ nice indeed 💋. Well must go got to get ready for more kitchen antics 😆 👋 ... See MoreSee Less

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4 days ago

The Old Village Inn

Free Fun Live Quiz on a Monday Night OVI💜OftheVillage ... See MoreSee Less

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Tonights Free Fun Quiz Live to your living room at 1930. Picture Round and Answer Sheet. See you later xx OVi💜OftheVillage ... See MoreSee Less

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#day299 Don’t forget Monday Night Free Fun 🤩 Live Quiz 1930 tonight. Sunday was a lay in , but if catch up TV as the sun came though the window, then a full on preparation fir Sunday Lunch, feeding our outreach customers since the 1st 🔐down and of course ourselves. Full on Roast chicken 🐓, sweet potato 🍠 & normal roasts potatoes 🥔 with all the veg abs parsnips, stuffing balls, pigs in blankets. It was a full on parade. Joined only by the mackerel pâté from the day before. 😱 there was just no room for the rum 🍓 cheese cake 🍰. Might have to give that a go today, honestly I’m still full. Think I’ve broken the rational again, Ben came out on Friday to fix it abs he couldn’t find anything wrong. Oh well zGremans will be out again to fix I’m sure. Little rest and then it was the big game Man U. Vs Liverpool. I’ll take the draw against the Champions at their home ground any day. Got to love Roy Keen 😂. All while playing some virtual 🎯 with my main man KC. Early night for some sloth 🦥 📺 to fall asleep to 🧚‍♀️ nice indeed. 👼 watching down. Then a phone call ☎️ from
Fred asking about a game sign in awake! 📺 💤 again. Not to worry all in a day. So don’t forget Monday Night Free Fun Quiz Tonight 1930. Light humoured fun from the Jewish landlord with no pub 😂. Thanks to Nick Mitchell for the pictures.
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#day298 When you I’ll one off the rack perfectly chilled #gewürztraminer #alsace #turckheim #réserve #winelover #winestagram then you know it’s going to be a great 11th Birthday 🥳 for Freddie No.3 favourite son. See what I did there? This way I can have 3 favourite sons and they can all be No.1 😂. Little trip out in the #jaguaripace (my #landrover is being fixed, again 😳) to pick up some presents 🎁 from Mum & make sure the ‘olds’ were 👌 Loved 🥰 cooking 🍳 for the wee man, he chose 🍤‘s for starter and then a lasagna that we could all have, Max of course being the porkaterian so that means he’ll eat pork so to the bat cave I went #rational later found a pasta 🍝 in sauce button so here we go ..... hone made of course, béchamel sauce on the lower level layered with chestnut 🌰 mushrooms 🍄 & shredded winter cabbage 🥬 thin layered with pasta, raw pork mince mixed with Spanish onion 🧅 oregano 🌿 & sage with slices of garlic 🧄, another layer of pasta, smothered in homemade OVI tomato 🍅 sauce 😱, pasta, pork layer repeated, pasta, sliced Norwegian 🇳🇴 Brie covered with another layer of béchamel topped with more tomato 🍅 sauce, scattered chopped parsley 🌿. In the #rational it went on light pasta sauce setting 😳 it was amazing 🤩 like really amazing 🤩 it’s going on the menu oh yes it is, well done Fred made your Dad make & create. It didn’t end there as Gypsy helped out with all the chopping fir Sunday Lunch today and thr strawberry 🍓 & rum 🍹 🏴‍☠️ cheesecake. All the while curing the fresh mackerel 🐟 in lemon 🍋 lime, garlic 🧄 & Allium cepa (white Spanish onion 🧅) gently warm, this then cooks by the fruit acid. Peeling off the skin and flake, seasoned and add créme fraiché, pot with king 🍤 on the base, melt butter 🧈 on the top & chill all ready for today’s starters. Great day was had by all 🧚‍♀️ nice indeed 💋 ... See MoreSee Less

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#day297 When your friends help you get ready for when we open in the Spring to an amazing pub garden 🪴 for you all to enjoy with new feature #bembridgebuildingsupplies #community #bembridge come together to help out with a move fir the festival site #commingsoon #2021 And it was all stacked up. We didn’t quite realise it was as much as it was. It’s the man who cannot be named William Mark Skeldon & his side kick Ben Evans new make and create building set All delivered safely #festival #garden #gardendesign #pub ready for #2021 #ovi #yeoldevillageinn #iow while the 🐈 was away getting his car fixed in Southampton the 🐁 were setting up the delivery on the festival site. Massive thanks to Caroline Scott-Jackson from Bembridge Building Supplies for everything. Gypsy was on the bacon 🥓 sandwiches 🥪, always treated when I’m away, #soecialtreatment Carrying on with soecial days it’s me favourite No.3 son’s birthday 🎂 today as in Sat, don’t want to confuse the dates 😂 It’s a birthday 🎂 weekend for all so signing off and we’ll see you on Monday for Free fun 🤩 Quiz 1930 🧚‍♀️ nice indeed ... See MoreSee Less

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#day296 Stone Bake Pizza 🍕 Oven on major service. It’s been 5 years since it’s installation burning 24/7 #yeoldevillageinn #ovi #pub #bembridge #stonebaked #pizza ready for takeaways soon #yummy #yummyfood #lockdown. So as thr 🌧 falls doen we have been tucked up in thr inside outside area finishing off the kitchen upgrade from the Shmmer and then part 2 in thr 2nd 🔐down. 3rd 🔐down has been used to out the finishing touches, wipe down splash backs and fixing our beloved stone bake pizza 🍕 oven. She 🔥 24/7 even dieting the last 2 lock downs. She was in need of some fixing with holes the same size as Ben Evans head 🥜 shaped 😂 only joking Ben. Cured and seeded with wood fire 🔥 for the next week to get the flavour into the stone ready for the launch of our nee 🔐down OVi from our hone to yours menu. Stonebaked Pizza 🍕 & Stig Curries. We’ll keep you posted. Always a laugh 😂 when we’re building and getting the OVI💜OftheVillage ready for when we are allowed to open. I actually got an email from our MP, thank you for keeping an eye 👁 on our little part of the world 🌍. We have replied as like all are concerned how Kong all this is going to go on for. I think like other business, although disappointing I’d rather know a date as it starte off with thr end of January, then end of Feb maybe March and now the newspapers stating that our industry could be affected to the 1st May Bank Holiday. Again. We’d just like to know as the cost to our little business opening and closing 3 times in one year has again whipped out any profit & savings made last summer. We just can afford to open abs close at the will of a 3rd party government who just doesn’t understand our industry. You still want us to pay our HMRC & employers PAYE on the furlough, where does this extra £2800 a month come from as we’re still shut? Thr £4000 grant isn’t even going to cover utilities or the rent charged by Punch, although discounted this time, thank you. These are all really issues times by the might of the number of business in hospitality on the Island alone. I can see a lot of business not opening again. It’s like a culling. Well that’s enough of that I think. We need to move on positively. We are getting ready for outside & inside outside operations as the pub inside we have now finished 😂, but it’s all looking amazing 🤩 especially as the man who cannot be named is on the case. We start of Bohemian woods next week abs thr new roof for the OVI🤫🪴 it’s going to be so cool 😎 really looking forward to you all coming to visit and see all of our hard work and dedication. Don’t forget in your diary 📔 Monday Night 🧐 FREE FUN 🤩 Quiz Night Live stream 1930 direct to your living room or where ever you want me ..... oooh 😮 ahhh misses 😂 🧚‍♀️ nice indeed 💋 see you Monday if nit from my Lego building window 🪟. We’ll be making some noise on Saturday as it’s my favourite 😍 No. 3 son’s birthday 🎂. He’s so excited 😆. We usually go out abs choose a restaurant but think this time I’m going to be the personal chef 👨‍🍳 for him 😘 be safe people abs enjoy 😊 the quite as the summer is round the courner. We’ve skipped Spring 😂 ... See MoreSee Less

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